Flowery March Deals

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In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to present the Flowerly March Deals and content

Llévate la KB Blush & Contour Palette, el KBrow Slim Pencil y el trendy Matte long lasting Cosmo Pink por solo $44.

At KB Cosmetics & Lipstick Broker we want you to feel loved, and taken care of, that you look in the mirror without makeup and feel amazing and when you put your KB products on you feel UNSTOPPABLE and like a flower in March.

You are so pretty, never forget that. 

KB Blush & Contour Palette includes a bronzer 

KBrow Slim Pencil high pigmentation, choose your colors

KB Waterproof Mascara: Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Black 

Cosmo Long lasting Matte lipgloss is a magenta pink ready for you to rock this season

*Add in the notes the color of the mascara and the color of KBrow pencil you want. Añade en las notas del checkout el color de rimel y el color de lapiz de ceja finito que deseas* 

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