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Energy Gold - Metallic Lip Gloss Matte

Energy Gold - Metallic Lip Gloss Matte

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We named it Energy because this is the vibe and energy we should all vibe into. A good relationship with money is crucial, as we say in our Lipstick Broker Podcast, money will come as much as you want to but not need to. Let’s have an awesome friendly relationship with money. This color is the most worn for NEW YEARS EVE celebrations. We are or are not superstitious but we need to vibe into the right energy. So, put on some Limitless Eyeshadow and Mascara with this rock and rolling Metallic Matte Lipgloss Gold color ENERGY. This is the vibe.

When you purchase the Lipstick Broker Metallic High Glosses today, you’re purchasing the party, the youth, the fun of the lipglosses. For the first time ever we brought you lipglosses that are actually high GLOSS so you can shine and bright as the rock star that you’re. 

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