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New Limitless Eyeshadow

New Limitless Eyeshadow

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Get your hands on the new Limitless is an Eyeshadow palette with excellent pigmentation. In a daydreamer package, which shows you that there are no limits when you want something.

Our palette is like you, Limitless.

Fun colors. You can make nude, tropical, dark, or sparkly makeup. All in one. Size easy to handle.

It has a mirror so you can do your makeup on the go.

The shades that you find in your KB Limitless Palette are Earth, with different nudes in powder and cream. Tropical, orange, and yellow. Dark, violets, browns, glittery, and black. Sticky glitter in glitter.


Perfect match with our #Limitless and I AM ENOUGH Collection Matte Long-lasting lipsticks.

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